About Us

About Us

Who we are

The Biomedical Research Nest is an open access international research journal that curates and publishes peer-reviewed articles, manuscripts and other research material created and collected from various fields within the research world. All this content is available on one single platform for free.

Our Mission - To support the research community by publishing updated research and insights through quality interactions with scientists, scientific research scholars, authors and our society members.

Our Team - We have reviewers, editors, academic scholars, authors and scientists, who form the integral part of our peer-review team and help uphold the publishing standards of the journal.

Aim & Scope

What we do

The Biomedical Research Nest aims at disseminating information on the interdisciplinary subject of science. This includes providing insights into the industry’s latest trends and their implications for the community and the world at large. As news bearers of the world, we invite students, authors, scholars, researchers etc. to share their views, articles, perspective articles, manuscripts and other research material with us for review and publication.

How do we do it


Our mission is to provide content for the highest quality, which can impact a larger audience by paving the way for breakthrough inventions and futuristic solutions to the world's scientific problems. We have numerous articles, presented in the best of formats, ranging from videos, infographics, images and written material. Right from our format, to our post publishing services and our peer-review system is highly reputed in the research community, where they rely on us to give them the best content available, even in international standards.

Open Access

All the content available on our website can be freely accessed from anywhere in the world, on any device the user chooses to view it. The Open access policy states that the knowledge we hold is available for free to be read, shared, downloaded and duplicated. Our aim is to aid the spread of scientific news, trends and insights, which is focus that’s more important for us than the profit. Be a relative of a patient, a patient themselves, a medical student preparing for his exams or a doctor prepping for surgery, the journal’s Open Access policy will ensure you find the answers to your problems here.


Drawing on our strong partnerships within the research community has helped us greatly in our mission to change the world, one scientific discovery at a time. These partners include members, who regularly publish their research work with us and our esteemed reviewers and editors. Without their support our pillars of quality and timeliness of news could never reach the heights it has now. Our panel of members and staff together form some of the most intellectual, integral and influential part of the research community across the world.

Personalised Guidance

The Biomedical Research Nest does not believe in taking a singular standardised approach for all submissions made to the board for review. We have put clear guidelines in place to customise our services towards the need of the content submitted for publication. We work along with the submitting party and provide expert advice on the content’s optimal delivery of knowledge.