Editor Guidelines

Editor Guidelines

The Biomedical Research Nest has an excellent reputation for finding hidden gems of research content and turning them into a life source for the entire world. The responsibility of this transformation lies on the shoulders of Editorial Board and reviewers, who make painstaking efforts to into building and upholding a fair and rigorous Peer Review system meant to help and guide authors into the world scientific journal publishing. Editors on our board come from far-reaching corners of a very vast universe of science, with an experience that equips them to handle research work from various fields. We invite you to come be a part of our journey, as an esteemed editor on our board. Have a few questions? Let’s see if we can answer a few.

What would my contribution be?

Your roles and responsibilities would be to:
  • Collaborate with the other members of the editorial board and reviewers to uphold a fair peer review process that supports the authors and the growth of the journal.
  • Look for ways to not only maintain the standards of the journal, but also brainstorm and suggest new ways to improve the content published on the journal.
  • Strive deliver reviews promptly, by efficiently using resources such as reviewers and managing time well. The sooner the review, the faster the publication, the more the content.
  • Pick the right team to work on reviews, so as to maximise the impact of the peer review and heighten the reputation of the journal.
  • Work Diligently on cross referencing submitted manuscripts and assuring original content is filtered through. All content must be fact-checked and criticism should be unanimous. Citations, references and calculations must be validate to ensure reliability of authors.
  • Adhere Sincerely to confidentiality. Any mentions of other individuals in content must come with consent.
  • Make tough decisions when needed and communicate your thoughts transparently at all times.
  • Lead the way for younger authors, researchers and students by education them about the publishing ethics and policies.
  • Suggest ways to help the organisation grow and become better, efficient and more diligent

Remember, your decision to accepts, reject and modify manuscripts is considered final, so be cautious about them and stay humble in your approach towards taking them.

What do I get in return?

Your benefits are:
  • Editors can be promoted as senior editor and executive editor in the concerned journal based on their active participation and also based on their experience.
  • Editors will be given highest priority in all the events that are organized by us.
  • Based on their contributions and their efficiency, there is a chance to serve as a prominent member of the advisory board.
  • After one year of due course, Editor-in-Chief will be announced for based on their active participation, expertise in the field, contribution towards the Journal and also their scientific contributions.
  • We promote all the articles of the Editors that are published in our journals, in various social networking groups from our end, increasing visibility for their works.
  • We consider Editorials as a note to the young researchers and scholars.
  • Editors shall be honored in position as Chair/Co-Chair for any conferences organized by us and also the fee will be waived.

The highest honour of it all is that your word will always be considered as the final verdict when it comes to peer reviews and authors will have to revise their manuscripts based on your suggestions.

If this is as exciting to you as it is to us, click here to join in.