Article Processing Charges or APCs is a one-time fee you will have to pay when you submit your article for review to the editorial team of the journal. A membership cost is an amount paid to have a membership with the journal that could range from an individual plan to a company plan.

It is not necessary for every author to become a member to be published on our journal. However, it is essential for all authors to pay APCs (in some for or the other) to publish to the journal. An additional fee may be levied if your article or manuscript goes beyond the usual length of work received.

Membership Plans and Costs are as follows:

Basic: $399

Enhanced: $449

Premium: $499

Memberships allow for one, two, or five peer-reviewed publications for a 12-month period respectively, counting from your last publication to your next first-decision.

Every author who chooses to publish their manuscript on our journal must either pay for a membership or a single APC.

Article Processing Charge (APC)

An APC of USD 1,095 is charged for every peer-reviewed article ready for publication. This amount remains the constant despite the number of authors.

Our reprints are free of charge.

You are expected to pay anytime before we’re due for production of the accepted article and start typesetting. You may choose to pay at a time anywhere from first submission date till the final decision to accept is made.

Memberships come with certain benefits that can be utilised by the author or institute and will result in a long term engagement with the journal. With a membership plan the hassle-free processing of unlimited manuscripts till the the term of the membership ends comes at a higher cost which few can afford

To counter the high cost of the Membership Plans, we create a flat-rate APC per article to ensure that authors who want to publish with us one or few times do not need to burden themselves with membership plans. This also beneficial to articles being submitted by multiple authors, because not matter how many co-authors, the APC remains the same.

We have a few discount offers that run from time to time on the APC, exclusively for our members, who are notified well in advance to help them take advantage of it.

No there is not. The membership plan is one-time fee that takes care of your publishing needs for the stipulated time of the membership plan.

Yes. Any one of you can pay the membership fee for themselves and the others in one single payment.

Upon submitting the manuscript, just look for the payment options at the bottom, that will help you complete the transaction successfully.

However, if you don’t want to take membership you could always just pay the flat-rate APC per article (not depending on the number of authors) and proceed to publishing.

You don’t have to become a member to publish with Biomedical Research Nest. You could just pay the APC instead. The Article Processing Charge is a payment option designed specifically for cases like these, where there could be may co-authors and buying membership is just not an option.

If you want to publish more, you could always upgrade your membership plan to a one that suits your growing publishing requirements or just pay the APC when you feel that you’re reaching the threshold set by your current membership plan.

Well you will still be allowed to submit more manuscripts to the journal for review and publishing. The membership allows for unlimited manuscript submission. However, if you request for a refund within 60 days of paying the fee, we will reverse it to you. If you’ve already published with us before, you are not eligible for this refund. If you pre-paid for an APC and your article is rejected or withdrawn before Acceptance, then you can receive a 100% refund on your APC payment.

Would it be possible that you reject all my papers after I pay the fees? Biomedical Research Nest is an established publisher with long-standing reputation of treating its authors fairly with a transparent review system where the Editorial Board review and takes decisions about manuscripts based purely on quality of content and research. The decision of the board has nothing to do with the status of your payment plan (paid or free, membership or APC, discounted or not etc.). We also give our authors the option to appeal if the feel they’re work was not accurately reviewed and the decision was not good enough for them.

Yes there are discounts offered to institutes to submit manuscripts in bulk and you may know more about it here.

With our already low APCs and membership plans it’s difficult for us to afford full fee waivers to all authors. However for authors from low income countries, on their request only, we do offer a no-questions-raised fee waiver to aid their publishing needs. This is a waiver of the APC fee and is not applicable to any membership plan. Only one full fee waiver will be granted per person, for a year.

For undergraduate students who’ve co-authored manuscripts, we offer a membership waiver (only in case the any of the other senior authors have at least a basic publishing plan with us and the manuscript pulls through the peer review process)

Yes you can provide a personal email ID (like Gmail) to open an account at Biomedical Research Nest but use an institutional email while publishing your manuscript online.