At Biomedical Research Nest, we’re the pinnacle of scientific know-how for the community by providing multidisciplinary, open access and peer reviewed journals that is filled with the works of some of the greatest minds of the modern world. These scientistic and science authors come with a plethora of knowledge and research across various fields and we want to support them and their work in every way we can and ensure we bring them out in the light.

In order to keep publishing in this fashion we need support from others within the global scientific community. We invite people, academic institutes, research firms and companies to support their fellow community members by making donations that aid in the spread of knowledge. This money goes into recognising great work and being able to work with authors by providing them financial aid, scholarships and grants.

What’s in it for you?

  • You can market your brand throughout our website. Our global community makes for a very large set of eyes on you. Your name and logo will be omnipresent throughout our website.
  • Be partons in the world of open access publishing and become a generous supporter of research publication.
  • Manuscripts submitted by anyone in your company will have their processing fee waived off.
  • You have the option to choose a specific journal or a group of journals to support within our publishing range if not the whole publication.
  • Any additional funds get carried forward year after year till it gets completely utilised
  • You get special privileges at any of the international conferences organised by us.
  • Lets authors submit multiple manuscripts within the year for publication.

Who can take advantage of this funding?

Scientific authors, researches and editors

How will they be deemed eligible for it?

The Editorial Board of the Biomedical Research Nest is the only authorised body to select candidates who will receive financial aid.

If you want to sponsor our journal, please email to our support@biomednest.com to get the quotation.