Video Articles

Video Articles

It is an established fact that people retain only 5% of what they read or hear, especially in cases of reading long winding research work or sitting through seminar, watching academicians drone on about science. However a new study shows that the chance of retention in increased significantly when the same matter if presented in a visual format. A video, picture, illustration or simply an image stays with us much longer than a aspeach or a page of words. Which is why video articles are the new trend of content sharing that is not also being embraced by the scientific community. A few clippings of simple videos are a lot easier to produce than heavy manuscripts with hundreds of pages full of words. We encourage authors to use the powerful tool of video to spread their knowledge, their research and its findings in the most simplest form, that can be understood, absorbed and repeated all over the world. Research that is supported by video content always has higher viewers, more downloads and citations. Remember, better the video, higher the impact.

Prerequisites for submitting video content.

  • Videos must be submitted as a support material to an actual manuscript. The written document, be it a manuscript or an article will be considered the submission, the video will not be considered on it’s own.
  • The manuscript flow: Title, Authors Names and affiliations, contact details of at least one author, Keywords, Abstract, Introduction, Followed Protocol, Images, Videos and Tables, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgement, Disclosure (conflict of interest statement), Used reagents and equipment’s and References
  • What about grants?

    Any scientific author or science acamadecian can apply for a chance to receive a grant from the journal, however the final decision lies with the Editorial Board and they choose who will receive grant.

    How is the submission confirmed?

    After the author is done filling out the application form and uploading formalities, he/she will receive an email confirmation along with the login details to their dashboard on the journal’s website. So, wait for an email confirmation, if you don’t receive one immediately or are facing any trouble submitting your manuscript or video article, contact us on